Get The FFF Favorites

Double Under Wonder

We love jump roping at FFF, and this by far is the favorite of all our athletes. We highly recommend snagging your own personal jump rope.

Boxing Gloves

Boxing/Kickboxing is great cardio and we fully incorporate these skills into our daily workouts. We do have some gloves for use, but most athletes like having their own pair.

Slim & Trim Must Haves

Dropping fat and shedding pounds is what ALL of our members want. The Slim and Trim is 100% the easiest and most consistent results producing bundle EVER. For all the "I am serious about my health this time," THIS is where to begin.

Grips Prevent Rips

FFF doesn't encourage hand rips (yuck) and we know most want to prevent calloused rough hands. Wodies are our most popular hand grips with built in wrist supports.

Tracking your fitness is important. The MyZone Fitness Tacker is by far the best we have used. It is real time, easily displays your heartrate, calories burned, fat burning zones, and MUCH more! This is what all the coaches and athletes choose #BOOM

MyZone Workout Tracker